The Yoga of Time Travel: How the Mind Can Defeat Time by Fred Alan Wolf

By Fred Alan Wolf

Time trip is not only technology fiction; it may well truly be attainable. Wolf attracts on yoga and quantum physics to teach that point is a versatile projection of brain. dishonest time, he says, is an old metaphysical inspiration from the Vedas having to do with relocating via meditation to a spot the place time stands nonetheless.

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Yet our inner, subjec­ tive sense of time is as real as any sense can be. We think that since we can't measure it, it can't be real. But what could be more real to us than the inner sense of time through which we experience rhythmic variations like music and even the pace of our own thoughts and feelings? We may not be able to compare it with another person's temporal sense, but this shouldn't make it any less real. We have abandoned our inner sense of time, not because of the Gita's teaching, but to replace it with the commonly accepted outer sense we call clock time.

Moving along a geodesic means moving along the most natural or effortless pathway and the longest time possible (but always a shorter time than other non­ moving clocks indicate) between two events. However, as we have seen, this is true only on a flat plane; on the surface of a sphere, the geodesic turns out to be a curved line through three-dimen­ sional space. Let me summarize: Proper time is a measure of the time spent along a spacetime trajectory as measured by a clock mov­ ing along the trajectory.

In this state there is no expe­ rience of time or space; the ego is not present to create it. When we dream, we do experience a dream landscape composed of time and space. We also experience a dream ego-the one who is expe­ riencing the dream. The dream seems real to us when we are in it. But it's clear to us on waking that the dream landscape was cre­ ated by our minds. When we awake, we also sense an ego, this time identifying with our physical body, experiencing "I am the body. " We also experience time and space and locate our body in it.

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