The Mycenaean Greek Vocabulary by John Chadwick, Lydia Baumbach

By John Chadwick, Lydia Baumbach

In Glotta : Zeitschrift für griechische & lateinische Sprache ; forty-one. Bd., Hft. 3/4, 1963.

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398]. , prob. Korudalloio[Docs.

Erigowosor Erikowos[Docs. ]. e-ri-ta-ri-joKN X 304; MN: poss. Erithalios[Docs. ]. , poss. Eriwêrôi[Docs. ]. «pifroçe-n-toPY Ep 704; WN (priestess): poss. Erithd [Docs. 418]. 'Epivtiç e-ri-nu KN Fp 1; in list of deities receiving oil; app. dat. poss. Erinui; also without context Fs 390 [Furumark, Eranos 52. 34; Docs. 307]. Note: Other names in this list are certainly dat. g. pa-si-te-o-i), but the dat. of a stem in ~u~ might have been expected to appear as -u-we; cf. ka-ru-we (PY Ta 721) app. sg.

PY Nn 831 is a false reading for e-poNote 2: The MN e-Jco-me-ne-u [Chadwick]. taxàçxi e-ka-ra PY Ta 709 (twice) ; article described as having feet (pe-de-we-sa), in a list with rake and fire-tongs: eskhard 'portable hearth, brazier' [Lang, AJA 62. 189]. e-teèT€6ç e-te-wa PYAn657; MN: poss. Etewds [Docs. 418]. wa-o KN X 5785; poss. MN: poss. Etewâôn or gen. Etewdo [Docs. ); 418]. e-tegen. e-te-wa-jo-jo Sa 769; MN: poss. Etewaios [Docs. 418]. Etewastuos MN: wa-tu-o KNC912; [Docs. 418]. , poss. : Etewoklewêïos (or -weïosï) [Docs.

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