Mercury and Pluto by Ron Miller

By Ron Miller

Contrasts the invention, production, orbit, surroundings, composition, floor beneficial properties, and rotation of the closest and farthest planets from the solar.

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Mercury and Pluto

Contrasts the invention, production, orbit, surroundings, composition, floor positive aspects, and rotation of the closest and farthest planets from the sunlight.

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It would then move backward for a while before changing direction again and moving on its original path, after making a complete loop in the sky. At other positions on Mercury, a visitor might see two sunrises and two sunsets in one day. Mercury's closeness to the Sun and its long days result in a speed, the never seen very far from the when all it made from Earth revealed that Mercury's day was not the Jupiter, a while the other side would be freezing in a never- set. original "classic planets" the u»0 never of Mercury would be searingly hot under ending night.

The camera would take a photograph of a small portion of the night sky. Two or three days later, a second photograph would be taken of exactly the same location. Tombaugh would then place these two photographs into a device called a blink comparator. This allowed him to compare the two photographs by flipping the images back and forth quickly, like the frames in an animated cartoon. Any fixed points of light, such as stars, would (26) appear unchanged exposures it — but would appear were compared.

Is only a quarter the It is Moon size of Earth. (58) — it is a half in the solar orbits as Charon Our own Moon A cross section of Pluto shows that the planet with a small core of rock Covering an Moon area and is made mostly of ice metal. of Pluto's sky eight times wider than in Earths sky, the brightness moon of a as large as a full Charon might help make up for the Sun being so inconspicuous. would not be However, it where on Pluto's surface, since Pluto on is exactly the its axis. same Charon from everythe time Charon takes to orbit possible to see as the time it takes Pluto to turn once This means that Charon appears to hang motionless over one spot on Pluto's surface, never rising or setting.

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