Marsupial Sue by John Lithgow, Jack E. Davis

By John Lithgow, Jack E. Davis

If you are a Kangaroo
via and during,
do just what Kangaroos do.

younger Sue quite does not like being a kangaroo, so she is going off to discover anything greater. First she attempts mountaineering the bushes like a koala, yet that does not paintings. Then she wades into the ocean like a platypus, yet that is no strong both. ultimately, Sue joins up with a few bouncy, jouncy wallabies...and discovers that being a kangaroo is not so undesirable, in spite of everything.
utilizing a jaunty waltz rhythm, actor, comic, and best-selling writer John Lithgow reassures young ones that they are often pleased with who they're.
For listening or making a song alongside, a CD of a John Lithgow functionality of Marsupial Sue and an instrumental model is incorporated with this ebook, as is the rating of the music.

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