Global Atmospheric Chemical Change by Peter Warneck (auth.), C. N. Hewitt, W. T. Sturges (eds.)

By Peter Warneck (auth.), C. N. Hewitt, W. T. Sturges (eds.)

This e-book examines the ways that human task is affecting the composition of the worldwide surroundings, how either the importance and premiums of switch evaluate with common cycles, and what results those alterations could have at the international weather, ecosystems, and the future health of human lifestyles on the earth.

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Walker has estimated the loss rate associated with oxidative weathering as about 300 Tg 02/annum. 18,43 The consumption of oxygen by other loss processes, for example the oxidation of reduced volcanic gases, is small in comparison. In the long run, sources and sinks should balance and the losses must be replaced by oxygen generated from the burial of organic carbon in new sediments. This mechanism establishes a slow geochemical cycle of oxygen which partly complements that of organic carbon in the sediments.

Comparison of results from Lasaga et al. 62 (smooth curve) and from Budyko et al. 61 (stepped curve). from Greenland and Antarctica has shown that the phenomenon occurred simultaneously in both hemispheres. The ice cores differed appreciably in their physical and chemical properties making it rather unlikely that the observed changes in time are an artifact caused by chemical reactions of substances included in the ice. Recently, the record of atmospheric CO 2 mixing ratios has been extended even further into the past by the analysis of a 2000-m-deep ice core from Vostok in East Antarctica.

Implications for the antiquity of bacterial sulfate reduction. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 43 (1979) 405-13. 50 PETER WARNECK 40. Chameides, W. L. & Walker, J. C. , Rates of fixation by lightning of carbon and nitrogen in possible primitive atmosphere. Origins of Life, 11 (1981) 291-302. 41. Kasting, 1. , Stability of ammonia in the primitive terrestrial atmosphere. 1. Geophys.

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