Dragons of Triumph (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Module by Douglas Niles

By Douglas Niles

State of affairs and sourcebook; the sourcebook describes the continent of Ansalon, earlier than and after the struggle, and all of the draconians, creatures, and artifacts of Krynn. within the experience, the participant characters pass a land of smoke and hearth to arrive the capital of the Dragon Empire and confront the Dragon Queen for the ultimate conflict among solid and evil; Battlesystem data are supplied for this conflict.

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When the draconians are present, they have their weapons and armor with them. 65. Council Chamber This soaring chamber lies at the very heart of the Dark Queen’s empire. It is here that she will enter Krynn, if the gate to the Abyss can be opened. Also this is where the Highlords meet in council to plan strategy and policy. This is the only place on Krynn where Takhisis can even partially manifest her presence. The ceiling arches nearly 100 feet overhead. Six tall platforms are spaced evenly about the perimeter of the room.

He generates fear in a five-foot radius, and has innate powers of detect magic and detect invisibility. He can cast a wall of ice at will. Twice per day, he can dispel magic. Once per day he can use any power word spell, a symbol of pain or fear, and cast a 20-dice fireball. All of his magical spells function at the 20th level of ability. Lucien (highlord) 21st-Level Fighter Strength 18/82 Intelligence 13 Wisdom 12 THAC0 2 Hit Points 83 Armor Class -3 Dexterity 12 Constitution 11 Charisma 15 Alignment LE Movement 9” Items: dragonarmor plate mail, +5 longsword, +2* * This sword has the ability to cast a cone of cold spell once per day.

He has the ability to cast any magic-user spell. He does not, however, use spells to attack or otherwise obstruct the enemy. If Fizban is indeed Paladine, at the moment he faces Takhisis his true power becomes apparent. A white glow surrounds him, and he visibly grows in stature and strength. His normally befuddled demeanor changes to deadly seriousness. 3% 65% Wizard, Madman, or Deity? Fizban’s actual status during the adventure depends on the ending you have selected for the epic. He may be Paladine the Great God of Good.

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