Deviance in Contemporary Crime Fiction by Christiana Gregoriou (auth.)

By Christiana Gregoriou (auth.)

This e-book explores the 3 facets of deviance that modern crime fiction manipulates: linguistic, social, and wide-spread. Gregoriou conducts case reviews into crime sequence through James Patterson, Michael Connelly and Patricia Cornwell, and investigates the way those novelists correspondingly problem these aforementioned conventions.

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Hence ‘Wittgenstein’s discussion of family resemblances and subsequent comment have given rise to a “prototype” or cluster category designed to account for our capacity to recognise instances of categories’ (Swales, 1990: 51). 32 Deviance in Contemporary Crime Fiction Because of problems with the traditional approach of describing concepts using definitions, several more sophisticated theories of concepts have been proposed. , 1976), who have suggested the notion of prototypes. According to Saeed (1998: 37), ‘this is a model of concepts which views them as structured so that there are central or typical members of a category such as BIRD and FURNITURE, but then a shading off into less typical or peripheral members’ (for instance, ‘chair’ is a more central member of the category FURNITURE than ‘lamp’).

Finally, metaphors that work in even more extended ways across whole sections of text or indeed across novels are referred to as sustained metaphors or megametaphors (see Werth, 1999). In Chapter 3, I investigate the sustained metaphors employed in criminal-focalised extracts so as to arrive at the motivations behind the analogies made, and explain the connections established. Metonymy describes a referential entity where a speaker refers to an entity by naming something associated with it. We can refer, for instance, to a book or books by the author’s name and say sentences like ‘Patterson is on the top shelf’.

Austin (1962), a theory that is concerned with the linguistic acts made while speaking, and which have interpersonal purpose and pragmatic effect (Austin took note of the fact that not all of our language actually describes reality, and that some is ‘performative’). Introduction: Narratology and Deviance 27 Based on Bakhtin’s idea that every utterance has some kind of dialogic relationship with other utterances which have preceded it, intertextuality refers to the way in which a text may invoke other texts through the use of particular words, phrases or ideas, so the reader or listener’s knowledge of that other text comes into play in their interpretation of what the current author is saying.

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