Desperado by Sandra Hill

By Sandra Hill

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B. Rafe decided. And he'd known way too many of those in his time — bastards who'd shoot first, with no real provocation, just for the fun of it. Yep, Ignacio was a man to watch closely. "Tie her up, too," Ignacio ordered. Pablo released Helen's hands for one brief second to cut off a length of rope from the riata on his saddle. " Helen said, tapping her foot impatiently. Rafe couldn't believe his ears. She was actually criticizing him when he could barely stand, when his body was probably turning black and blue.

Geez! These creeps are putting on a good act, Helen thought, whoever they are. "Raise your hands," the bandit repeated icily. With the barrels of the pistols a mere ten feet away and the glaring ridge on the tip of Rafe's boot, they decided to comply. " Then he frowned. "Why do you wear those strange clothes? " Rafe and Helen glanced down, then back to the outlaws. They weren't the ones wearing odd clothing. " the young man asked Rafe. I Barbie, the military Bobbsey twins," Rafe growled. "Why the hell do you think we're dressed alike?

Los tetas esta que bonitu, " Ignacio continued, speaking to his companions while he gazed appreciatively at — oh, Lord — her breasts. " Rafe asked, obviously enjoying her discomfort. "No. " Helen could see the gears grinding in Rafe's mind. But then his expression softened. "I shouldn't be teasing you like this, Prissy. You've really had enough harassment for one day, and there's nothing funny about it — whether from an Army sergeant or a bozo bandit. " His gently spoken words touched Helen like a kiss.

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