Demosthenes: Statesman and Orator by Ian Worthington

By Ian Worthington

Demosthenes is frequently adjudged the statesman par excellence, and his oratory as a number of the most interesting to outlive from classical instances. modern politicians nonetheless quote him of their speeches and for a few he's the ideally suited instance of a patriot. This landmark research of this outstanding guy and his lengthy profession, the 1st to target him for greater than eighty years, seems to be on the historical past in the back of this acceptance and asks if it is actually deserved.

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G. , pp.

Some time in the early 350s, as we saw, an Athenian governor is found on Amorgos: that he was a model of generous behaviour was legally irrelevant. The allies’ fears were aggravated by some irresponsible actions by Chares, apparently endorsed by the People at Athens. The allies had come to fear that Athens was ‘plotting against them’ (Dem. 50 In 357, the major allies of Chios and Rhodes, joined by Byzantium and Cos (which may have been a member of the original confederacy),51 obtained promises of support from the satrap of Caria, Mausolus, and decided to rebel.

While many tried to escape the imposition, or at least to limit it to the legal minimum, any man who aimed at a public career not only willingly performed what was prescribed, but did so with noticeable splendour, as well as, from time to time, volunteering for one of those services out of turn. 153–67). Whatever may be the truth regarding Meidias (orators in Athenian courts were not held to high standards of veracity 18 THE ROAD TO PROMINENCE regarding their opponents), we must believe what Demosthenes says about himself, and it adds up to a distinguished and expensive list, over the span of a very few years.

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