Crawl, Fade to White by Sheila Callaghan

By Sheila Callaghan

Comedy / 2m, 3f / uncomplicated Set A scream is heard in the course of the stratosphere. it's the voice of the lamp. Louise is promoting this dear relations heirloom to maintain her daughter April at school and stop her extra sordid "consultant" occupation. April rushes domestic with lover in tow to halt the court cases and store the lamp, however it has been intercepted by way of a quiet and weird middle-aged couple with a haunting mystery. makes an attempt to reclaim the lamp are made, as a lost father slowly fades to white within the history. "...A gutsy author with a present for growing shiny pictures rooted within the emotional lifetime of her characters." - the hot York occasions "...Troubled and precocious collage dropout April is defined to her mom, Louise, as 'stunningly excellent' - a line that matches her author, Sheila Callaghan. The peculiar characters populating move slowly, Fade to White frantically consume airborne dirt and dust and twist menacingly. Audiences attempting to method this engagingly quirky new play may locate themselves gaping 'like they are looking at the cosmos disrobe.'" - outing big apple

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