Crafty Critters by David Armentrout

By David Armentrout

Readers know about animals who're inventive challenge solvers. comprises full-color photos.

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Poison dart frogs do not inject poison with fangs as some snakes do. Instead, they release poison through tiny pores in their skin. Toxin from some frogs is so deadly that some South American tribes use it to poison the tips of blowgun darts. Poison dart frogs are dangerous to handle and should never be kept as pets. 29 The Indian starred tortoise protects itself by hiding safely in its shell. There are millions of animal species on Earth, all competing for survival. Which ones will make it and which ones will become extinct?

Nature will decide. You can bet, though, the craftiest critters will be around for a long time to come. 30 Glossary climates (KLYE-mitz): usual weather conditions environment (en-VYE-ruhn-muhnt): where animals live extinct (ek-STINGKT): died out mammals (MAM-uhlz): warm blooded animals with backbones marine (muh-REEN): living in or found in the sea mimic (MIM ik): copy or imitate poisonous (POI zuhn us): toxic predators (PRED-uh-turz): animals that hunt other animals for food prey (PRAY): animals hunted by other animals for food species (SPEE-seez): one certain kind of animal 31 Index coral snake(s) 20, 21 hedgehog(s) 13 kingsnake(s) 21 leaf insects 17 lizard(s) 15, 25 octopus(s) 22, 23, 24, 25 poison dart frogs 28, 29 polar bears 19 porcupines 12, 13 pufferfish 26, 27 shield bugs 10, 11 skunk(s) 8, 9, 10 snowshoe hare(s) 18 starfish 14, 25 stink bug 10 walking sticks 16 Further Reading Gallagher, Belinda.

They enjoy exploring different topics and have written about many subjects, including sports, animals, history, and people. David and Patricia love to spend their free time outdoors with their two boys and dog Max. 32 Weird and wonderful animals This series of books engages the reader immediately by providing riveting information about animals we do not see every day. Animals who survive by sucking blood, bizarre ways that animals move, and ingenious problem solvers are just a few of the topics.

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