Configuring the PIX Firewall and VPN Clients Using PPTP,

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Understanding Tcp/ip

The TCP/IP protocol stack is the root of the web and, extra in most cases, community verbal exchange. working at quite a few actual and logical layers, those protocols are the language that let pcs to speak with one another. whereas so much IT pros dont paintings on the protocol point on a regular basis, there are occasions whilst a transparent knowing of whats going on the community point may be important.

Administrative Assistant's and Secretary's Handbook ~ 3rd Edition

Among coordinating conferences, making commute preparations, and operating the telephone traces, being a qualified administrative assistant calls for an brilliant and sundry diversity of talents related to interpersonal verbal exchange, written shows, and organizational skill. Written in a down-to-earth type, "Administrative Assistant's and Secretary's guide" offers readers with info on matters together with checklist protecting, cell utilization, workplace machines, mail, company letters, and software program talents.

Schadigungsmechanismen in faserverstarkten Kunststoffen: Quasistatische und dynamische Untersuchungen

Marcus Schoßig geht von der werkstoffphysikalischen Beschreibung der Eigenschaften von glasfaserverstärkten Polyolefinwerkstoffen aus und korreliert deren Ergebnisse mit Resultaten morphologischer Untersuchungen zur Aufstellung von Struktur-Eigenschafts-Beziehungen.

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Sample text

Xls Wait a minute—what’s recycler doing there in the list of added files? tmp temp temp/inst-39 But only three of them seem to be. Can you figure out the bug from the information you have now? ) Since I couldn’t see the bug, I did something quick ’n’ dirty to learn more: I put a puts at ➊ in the following. Each time boring? is invoked, the puts will tell me what string it’s working with. 53 F IXING A B UG Note that + concatenates two strings to produce a new string. I use inspect for debugging because it gives a more exact representation of objects.

It seems we want to reject a file if its name contains “temp,” possibly after a slash but after no other character and possibly followed by a slash but by no other character. ” Yuck. That could be expressed in Ruby, but it seems way too complicated. What I’ve found as I’ve aged is that if my solution looks too 4. You may have noticed that Ruby’s folder separator character is the forward slash (/). If you’re working on Unix or Mac OS X, that’s unsurprising—it’s what the operating system uses too.

This script has some definite weaknesses. txt. But it’s a good start. Let’s take stock. rb in the inventory folder. rb 4. 37 W HERE D O W E S TAND ? 8 Where Do We Stand? We have a useful script. If you don’t already compare inventories, or if you’ve always done it manually, there’s something new in your bag of tricks. You’ve learned a little bit about the simplicity underlying Ruby: everything is done by sending messages to objects. More important, you’ve seen the first of a variety of useful data types, the array.

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