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CK-12 Foundation's Earth technological know-how for heart institution FlexBook covers the next chapters: what's Earth Science?-scientific procedure, branches of Earth Science.Studying Earth's Surface-landforms, map projections, computers/satellites.Earth's Minerals-formation, use, identification.Rocks-rock cycle, igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic.Earth's Energy-available nonrenewable/renewable resources.Plate Tectonics- Earth's inside, continental go with the flow, seafloor spreading, plate tectonics.Earthquakes-causes/prediction, seismic waves, tsunami.Volcanoes-formation, magma, eruptions, landforms.Weathering and Formation of Soil-soil horizons, weather similar soils.Erosion and Deposition-water, wind, gravity.Evidence approximately Earth's Past-fossilization, relative age dating/absolute age dating.Earth’s History-geologic time scale, improvement, evolution of life.Earth's clean Water-water cycle, forms of clean water.Earth's Oceans-formation, composition, waves, tides, seafloor, ocean life.Earth's Atmosphere-properties, value, layers, power move, air movement.Weather-factors, cloud varieties, air plenty, storms, climate forecasting.Climate-Earth's floor, worldwide climates, causes/impacts of change.Ecosystems and Human Populations-ecosystems, matter/energy circulate, carbon cycle, human inhabitants growth.Human activities and the Land-soil erosion, damaging materials.Human activities and Earth's Resources-renewable/nonrenewable assets, availability/conservation.MS Human activities and Earth's Water-use, distribution, pollutants, protection.Human activities and the Atmosphere-air pollutants, explanations, results, reduction.Observing and Exploring Space-electromagnetic radiation, telescopes, exploration.Earth, Moon, and Sun-properties/motions, tides/eclipses, sunlight activity.The sunlight System-planets, formation, dwarf planets, meteors, asteroids, comets.Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe-constellations, light/energy, category, evolution, groupings, galaxies, darkish subject, darkish strength, the large Bang Theory.Earth technological know-how word list.

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We can describe the topography of a region by measuring the height or depth of that feature relative to sea level (Figure below). You might measure your height relative to your classmates. mountains,? while others are more like small hills! 4 Topographical map of Earth showing North America and South America. Relief, or terrain, includes all the landforms of a region. A topographic map shows the height, or elevation, of features in an area. This includes mountains, craters, valleys, and rivers.

4. V-shaped portions of contour lines indicate stream valleys. V? shape of the contour lines point uphill. There is a V shape because the stream channel passes through the point of the V. The open end of the V represents the downstream portion. A blue line indicates that there is water running through the valley. If there is not a blue line the V pattern indicates which way water flows. In Figure below, you can see examples of V-shaped markings. Try to find the direction a stream flows. 31 Illustrations of three-dimensional ground configurations (top) and corresponding topographic map (bottom).

2. If you have access to a science laboratory, look around to see what safety symbols there are. What does each mean? Apply Concepts 3. Write five questions that would get a friend interested in exploring the natural world. 4. A scientist was studying the effects of oil contamination on ocean seaweed. He believed that oil runoff from storm drains would keep seaweed from growing normally. He had two large aquarium tanks of equal size. He kept the amount of dissolved oxygen and the water temperature the same in each tank.

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