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Many various pathological stipulations are at the moment below research as healing pursuits of purines together with melanoma, cardiovascular stipulations, behavioural problems, irritation, immunoregulation, and neuroendocrine functionality. This e-book attracts jointly learn on all features of P2 purinoceptors and discusses their use in several healing parts.


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Eur J Pharmacol 140:47-53 Rice WR, Burton FM, Fiedeldey D T 1995 Cloning and expression of the alveolar type I 1 cell P2U-purinergic receptor. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol 12:27-32 Rubino A, Burnstock G 1994 Recovery after dietary vitamin E supplementation of impaired endothelial function in vitamin E-deficient rats. Br J Pharmacol 112:515518 Ruggieri MR, Whitmore KE, Levin RM 1990 Bladder purinergic receptors. J Urol 144: 176-18 1 Satchel1 D, Burnstock G, Dann P 1973 Antagonism of the effects of purinergic nerve stimulation and exogenously applied ATP on the guinea-pig taenia coli by 2substituted imidazolines and related compounds.

Brain Res Bull 35:513-519 lnoue R, Brading A F 1991 Human, pig and guinea-pig bladder smooth muscle cells generate similar inward currents in response to purinoceptor activation. Br J Pharmacol 103:1840-1841 Inoue K, Nakazawa K, Fujimori K, Watano T, Takanaka A 1992 Extracellular adenosine 5’-triphosphate-evoked glutamate release in cultured hippocampal neurons. Neurosci Lett 134:215-218 Jensen J, Holmgren S 1985 Neurotransmitters in the intestine of the atlantic cod, Gadus morhua. Comp Biochem Physiol 82:8 IC-89C Kasakov L, Burnstock G 1983 The use of the slowly degradable analog, cc,fi-methyleneATP, to produce desensitization of the P2-purinoceptor: effect o n non-adrenergic, non-cholinergic responses of the guinea-pig urinary bladder.

It is important to remember that this line is derived from a rat phaeochromocytoma: a tumour of chromaffin cells. 39 Diadenosine polyphosphate receptors A 2 1500 1250 EGTA ATP N m 500 0 cell 1 B Nic 1000 800 f 200 5 0 ALP N EGTA - 1000 EGTA EGTA NIC - ATP AT P - 400 200 cell 3 I I I I I 200 s FIG. 2. [Ca2'1, responses of adrenal chromaffin cells to ATP and analogues reveal two separate mechanisms of action. The traces shown were obtained from morphologically identified chromaffin cells. This identification was confirmed functionally by positive responses to nicotine 10pM (Nic).

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