Chemical Muscle Enhancement Bodybuilders Desk Reference by L. Rea

By L. Rea

Chemical Muscle Enhancement Bodybuilders table Reference

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A point of interest: Primobolan Depot (like Winstrol Depot) has been noted to possess excellent site- injection qualities. This means that a lagging body part became the injection site for dosages. Most who used this type of protocol did so after training that body part to avoid bruising. Women actually should not have used high dosages of any DHT product or derivative. DHT has excellent hardening effects, but also has masculinizing aspects. An often noted as safer method for use of such drugs was to also co-administer a 5-ALFAREDUCTASE INHIBITOR such as Proscar.

Women who did use testosterones considered propionate to be the superior choice over any other. 25-50mg of Propionate every 5-7 days stacked with any high anabolic such as Anadur, or especially Durabolin caused a dramatic result with less virilizing characteristics. As always, women who are extremely sensitive to androgens reported the use of 1mg Finasteride daily lowered DHT conversion of Propionate. *It should be noted: Propionate also severely suppresses HPTA function and HCG/Clomid have been considered post administration stables.

Surgery will most likely be needed to remove these nasty pus pockets. So why did athletes use Omnadren? It is cheap and it worked. Omnadren is very androgenic and anabolic. For this reason, mass and strength build-ups were high and rapid. Unfortunately, maintaining these gains post-cycle were not good. An anti-estrogen was reported as almost a must at any dosage with this product and the shut down of natural testosterone production during use was considered normal. So post-cycle use of HCG, Clomid, Novladex, and Proviron were considered almost a must as well (depending on dosage and cycle length of time).

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