Caves (The Extreme Earth) by Erik Hanson

By Erik Hanson

An creation to the world's so much interesting caves. This paintings explores each corner and cranny of those nature-made creations, together with lava caves, sea caves, and glacial caves, from Kentucky's massive Cave, to the superb Paleolithic work of Lascaux, to Fingal's Cave of Scotland, which impressed Mendelssohn's Hebrides Overture.

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The water proceeds through these three kinds of cracks, or channels, down toward the water table, slowly and gradually dissolving a bit of the limestone rock on the way. Over time, some of the cracks become enlarged. 2 inch (5 cm) in diameter, it becomes its most efficient at dissolving the rock. Geologists think the reason for this is that, at that diameter, the water becomes turbulent within its tube. This churning, swirling turbulence creates more contact between the water and the surface of the rock.

This is true even if a particular cave is far from the ocean, since the Yucatán underground is a honeycomb of caves. Underground 28 G Caves passages lead ultimately to the sea on both the east and west coasts of the province. If both exist in a cenote, the freshwater and saltwater form separate horizontal layers. ) The thinner, mixing layer between them is the halocline, a zone that appears murky and was mentioned earlier in connection with the hazard it can present to cavers. Typically, the top freshwater layer is home to some fish.

Ponder this: Our culture has not named sports team, or much else, after the familiar hamburger, chicken, steak, and seafood either. And Lascaux Cave of Southwestern France G 37 animals such as eagles, lions, and tigers are viewed in our art far more than say, squirrels and pigeons, which are much more common. Ties between people and the animal world have always been strong—and still are. Maybe the Cro-Magnons, like us, identified with the greater grandeur of the creatures they painted. No one is sure.

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