Call of the Veld by Anne Hampson

By Anne Hampson

IRMA might be more than pleased if you happen to move! Carl's phrases made her offended, yet truthfully, sara could were both chuffed to go away. Coming to Africa to deal with her invalid sister, Irma, had introduced problems.Irma had married Ray Barton, the guy that Sara had as soon as enjoyed, and her jealous accusations made all of them miserable.But the cold-blooded options steered via Carl van der Linden, their neighboring landowner, appalled Sara.She disliked Carl greater than the other guy she'd ever met!

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Ray had told her that Carl had every modern convenience in his home, making his own electricity, so Sara concluded that his servant would be using a clothes washer and a tumbler drier. Nevertheless, this would take some time, and she was troubled about her sister. She was used to Sara waiting on her at meal times, and she would be upset if Sadie took her place. Perhaps, though, Ray would give her her lunch, explaining that Sara had gone into Paulsville and obviously could not get back. Sara hoped he would not worry too much, hoped he would conclude that she was still in town, waiting for the storm to abate before venturing on the roads again.

Irma looked at her through sleepy eyes. ' Drowsy though she was, Irma struggled to ease herself up almost to a sitting position. Watching her, Sara strongly suspected that Irma was taking so many sleeping pills that they were not now having the effect they had at first. She had been trying to persuade her to cut down the number, keeping the use of the tablets strictly to the night time. But Irma succumbed whenever she felt depressed, declaring, as she had done a moment ago, that she preferred to be unconscious.

She supposed that, subconsciously, she had been waiting for the sky to clear, and for the appearance of the sun to dry up the path, just as it usually did. But there had never been a storm of such violence since she came out here, and in consequence I lie road leading to Njangola had never been reduced to the impassable state it was in at present. 'We'll have to wait and see,' answered Carl non- committally. ' His glance flickered over her. 'Perhaps you'd feel more comfortable if you had your clothes?

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