Brain Puzzler's Delight by E. R. Emmet

By E. R. Emmet

1993 through Sterling Publishing Co.

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I'd like you to find the smallest palindromic number that is also a perfect square, but which contains an even number of digits. 30 Micropuzzles 7 7 More perfect squares Before I give you this puzzle, here is a rather surprising fact on which you might be able to make a few bob in the way of a wager. Did you know that, if there are twenty-three people in a room, it is better than even money that at least two of them will have the same birthday. For example, suppose you are in the bar of your local, and there are at least twenty-two other people in the bar with you, you would be on a pretty good bet to wager that at least two people present have the same birthday (Le.

Five colours only are used: red, green, blue, yellow, and orange. Three views of the same cube are shown here, and in each of the views, the colour on the bottom face of the cube is not repeated on any other face. Which colour occurs twice on the cube? green blue orange green red blue 32 Micropuzzles 9 9 The whole truth and nothing but the truth This next puzzle is another question of logic. There is a famous island in the Pacific Ocean (whose name I forget) on which there live three tribes: -the Whites, who always tell the truth; - the Blacks, who always tell lies; - and the Greys, who lie and tell the truth alternately (although their first answer may be either truth or lie).

They should then subtract the smaller of the two numbers from the larger. Ask them then to cross out one digit from this answer, and then to add up the remaining ones and tell you the total. You can then tell them the digit they crossed out by subtracting the value they gave you from the next highest multiple of 9. For example, let us suppose the telephone number is 686174, which is then scrambled to give another number, 461768. The difference between the two is 224406. Cross out one digit from this value, say the 4, and add up the rest to give 14.

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