Bought For The Greek's Bed (Greek Tycoons) (Harlequin by Julia James

By Julia James

Vicky Peters knew her marriage was once for comfort in simple terms! Theo Theakis sought after a society bride, and Vicky wanted monetary support for her charitable enterprise. but if their marriage ended, Theo saved the money, believing his bride to be a dishonest gold digger! Vicky is set to get her cash it really is rightfully hers! So Theo makes a decision her presence in his mattress should be cash good spent....

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With iron discipline, stony-faced, she made her selection and started to get ready. html She hadn’t brought a stick of make-up with her. But the personal shopper had seen to that, as well. A vanity case bearing the logo of a famous parfumier had been set out for her. It took nearly all of the hour Theo had allocated her to do what she had to, and she did it with all the blankness she could summon to her aid. Then, with nothing more than a last, expressionless glance at her own reflection, she made her way downstairs.

What the hell had she gone and let herself in for? She wanted to go home—to London, to Jem, to Freshstart, and her safe, familiar world. A long, long way from Theo Theakis and her ridiculous fake marriage that meant nothing, nothing at all to either of them. And let’s keep it that way! she thought vehemently. It was far, far too disturbing to think of anything else. But at least, to her relief, she only had to play the part of Mrs Theo Theakis in public. In private, audience gone, she could finally go off duty and let the tension racking her slacken off.

So long as she doesn’t blab to my uncle that it’s a totally fake, totally temporary marriage. ’ She craned her neck slightly, seeing past the people around her. ‘Yes, it’s definitely him. I’ll go over and say hello. ’ She made to move, but a light touch on her arm stayed her. Theo’s long fingers loosely circled her wrist. She felt a current of electricity go through her that dismayed her, and she froze. ’ Theo’s voice was easy, but she could discern something underneath it—some note that made her muscles tense yet again.

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