Book of Interests by Andrew Scotland, John Mackenzie Wood

By Andrew Scotland, John Mackenzie Wood

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The Jing Body Lung Jing Jin The Lung Jin Jin originates at the tip of the thumb. It ascends laterally along the forearm to the elbow and continues along the upper arm to the anterior of the shoulder joint. One branch then ascends along the line of the clavicle whilst another descends internally to connect and spread along the surface of the diaphragm. Key muscles included in the pathway of the Lung Jing Jin are abductor pollicis brevis, brachioradialis, biceps brachii, the anterior deltoid and subclavius.

Rather than using isolated muscles when moving, lifting, and so on, you begin to use the entire body via the Jing Jin system and the mechanical information which is passed along its length. This is much healthier for a person, as it means that any work carried out over the course of a person’s life relies on force distributed throughout the whole of the body, rather than originating in isolated muscle groups. For practitioners of martial arts this has obvious benefits and it is the Jing Jin on which the majority of internal styles are based.

Three Yang lines indicate pure Yang or Heaven. Three Yin lines indicate pure Yin or Earth. These two symbols are known as Qian and Kun. 2. 2: The Eight Gua The Nature of Pathogens The six symbols that sit between Heaven and Earth show the different ways in which Qi can form as Yin and Yang mix together. These six symbols represent the six key environmental forms of Qi, which exert their influence upon our mind and bodies. They exist in the environment which surrounds us, and at different times of year different Gua energies are dominant.

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