Biochemistry by Monique LaBerge

By Monique LaBerge

An creation to the basics of biochemistry. This e-book explains an important advancements and achievements within the box, identifies key principles, and covers the necessities in a concise demeanour.

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This stops the signal, and allows the pieces to be recycled and rebuilt into new neurotransmitters for the next ­message. ATP ­Synthase ATP synthase is a complex enzyme, a molecular “motor,” an ion pump, and another molecular motor all wrapped together in one amazing machine. 3 The enzyme ATP synthase synthesizes the chemi-­ cal energy-storage compound known as ATP. One of this complex enzyme’s two rotary motors is the F1 motor (shown in the image above), a chemical motor that creates the ATP. triphosphate, or ATP.

Plants and some algae store food in the form of starch. In plants, starch is mainly found in seeds, roots, and tubers as well as in stems, leaves, fruits, and even pollen. Grain seeds, such as corn kernels, contain up to 75% starch. Therefore, it is an important component of the carbohydrates in the diet and a very good source of energy for the body. Starch is found in foods such as cereal, pasta, and potatoes, and cornstarch is used to thicken sauces. Laundry starch is a liquid form of starch used to stiffen the collars and sleeves of shirts.

Water-­soluble nutrients, such as sugars and salts, travel in the liquid blood and are absorbed by cells along the way. Other nutrients, however, are not very soluble in water, so special carriers are needed to deliver them to hungry cells. Serum albumin is such a carrier. It carries fatty acids, which are the building blocks of lipids, the molecules that form the membranes around and inside cells. Fatty acids are also important sources of energy, and the body maintains a storage of fatty acids in the form of fat.

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