Bacterial Lipopolysaccharides: Structure, Chemical by Alba Silipo, Antonio Molinaro (auth.), Yuriy A. Knirel,

By Alba Silipo, Antonio Molinaro (auth.), Yuriy A. Knirel, Miguel A. Valvano (eds.)

The bacterial lipopolysaccharide often referred to as endotoxin is exhaustively coated within the current paintings. principal emphasis is put upon the high-quality chemical constitution of the lipopolysaccharide and its value for knowing their job and serve as. particularly, the position it performs within the interplay of micro organism with different organic structures is tested. New features in their physicochemical biology are brought and updates to the present wisdom about the lipopolysaccharide are supplied. this significant classification of biomolecules has lately attracted the eye of many investigators, particularly for knowing its involvement in innate immunity, toll-like receptor attractiveness and intracellular signaling.

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