Autistic Barriers in Neurotic Patients by Frances Tustin

By Frances Tustin

"[Tustin] bargains very sensitively and sensibly with the knotty challenge of oldsters' contribution to autistic improvement, offering a balanced interactive view which doesn't allocate blame. Her dialogue of autistic gadgets and autistic shapes is illuminating and has common medical applicability. This e-book is extremely suggested examining" - Mary Boston, British magazine of scientific Psychology.

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Autistic Barriers in Neurotic Patients

"[Tustin] offers very sensitively and sensibly with the knotty challenge of folks' contribution to autistic improvement, supplying a balanced interactive view which doesn't allocate blame. Her dialogue of autistic gadgets and autistic shapes is illuminating and has frequent scientific applicability.

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However, before discussing psychogenic autism, let me say a word about the organic hypothesis. The organic hypothesis I respect the concern of the organicists who feel that it is irresponsible to raise hopes in parents who have already suffered so much. It is regrettably true that in the early days, following Kanner's distinguishing 'early infantile autism' from mental deficiency, in an outburst of enthusiasm, psycho- 20 A U T I S T I C B A R R I E R S I N N E U R O T I C P A T I E N T S analysts and psychotherapists made unjustified claims for the possibilities of the psychodynamic treatment of autism.

He set out in a snowmobile to release the boat but he went so fast that he overshot it. This means that he went to the edge of the expanse of water, which was now reduced in size from being a sea to being a lake. Also, the boundaries of this lake were obliterated by the snow that had fallen, so that the differentiation of land from water was obscured. The dreamer went on trying to get to the boat by other means, but he was always foiled in his attempts by obstructions and confusions. In the second dream, the dreamer saw a man falling from an open window to the ground which was hard and damaging.

As we shall see in later chapters, it is shot through with umbrage and black despair such as have been described by Ted Hughes in Crow. This has caused them to be unrelated to the mother, and thus to people in general. They avoid looking at people, and communication by language, play, drawing or modelling is scanty, and often not present at all. T h e children I have treated have all been mute at the outset of treatment, but some autistic children are echolalic so that they communicate in a limited but bizarre way.

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