Athletic fitness for kids by Scott Lancaster, Radu Teodorescu

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These movements energize the thighs and hip flexors. You’ll need an agility ladder, hurdles 6 inches and 12 inches high (six of each), or bleacher stairs. Laid flat on the ground, the agility ladder is used to get your athletes’ legs moving. Athletes place each foot quickly into every space as they progress “up” the ladder. The 6-inch and 12-inch hurdles are set up about three feet apart for athletes to leap over, with the front leg driving forward. If low hurdles aren’t available, set up your obstacle course close to a set of bleacher stairs.

Repeat again with athletes rolling on their right sides down the mat, getting to their feet, 20  Athletic Fitness for kids and sprinting to the cone on their right, and then rolling on their left sides and sprinting to the cone on their left. Obstacle courses are effective warm-ups for any sport. Execute each warm-up session as a course that they must complete three times at a comfortable pace. Remember that the objective is not to tire them out but to energize them, increase their overall flexibility, and warm up their muscles by getting their blood flowing.

When it comes to coordinating and perfecting combinations of body movements, we also suggest using sport video games to stimulate the brain’s neurons. Sport video games are now so sophisticated and based on such precise player movements and execution that the need for actual video is no longer necessary. You can now use portable handheld video consoles, such as the Sony PSP, to observe athletic movement and execution. Consider how passionate many kids are about playing video games. Take advantage of this contemporary approach to instruction.

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