Astronomy - Planets, Stars and the Cosmos by Heather Couper;Nigel Henbest

By Heather Couper;Nigel Henbest

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It has a North and South Pole and an equator that correspond to those of the Earth. Using the sphere, star maps can be created, just as maps we of the Earth. create South celestial pole 26 _ _'. - . Stellar 0i photographs 9 jfcEi Surface photographs. +m Mapping the Moon such precision, the lunar Thousands of overlapping sky and Moon photographs features could were exactly, so that highly individually cross- referenced. Because the stars' positions are known to accurate be lined Moon maps up could be made.

The Milky Way is a flat disk-shaped star-island 100,000 light years in diameter. 3 light years nearest the center orbiting fastest. Our Sun takes about 250 million years to complete one orbit. The Galaxy's central bulge (the nucleus) is made up of relatively old stars, but the surrounding disk is young and active. In the outcurving spiral arms, where the crowding of stars and gas is at its greatest, supernova explosions and gravitational effects trigger star formation - so the arms are studded with glowing nebulae where stars have just been born, and by other hot, relatively short-lived residents - open star clusters and blue supergiant stars.

24 Orion 36,37 helium fusion 33 Betelguese 28, 31 Big Bang 37 black hole 33, 36 hydrogen 12, infrared radiation 30 6, 8, 9, 11, 30 Io24 Callisto 24 celestial fusion sphere centrifugal force chromosphere 26, 28, 17, 29 18, 10, 12, 14-15, 17 atmosphere 19, Moon 8, 14, 6, 8, ";ors 9, 21 - 14 Sirius28, 31 solar eclipse 17 15, 36 17,21 solar flares 13 Solar System 18-19, 20, 24, 25 solar "ecosphere" 20 wind 13, :2 Europe 24 34 Space Shuttle 37 gamma rays 6. 23 Ursa Major 28 Van Allen belts 13 Venus 9, 19, 20, 22 spicules 12 spiral galaxies 36 30.

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