Aquatic Dermatology: Biotic, Chemical and Physical Agents by Domenico Bonamonte, Gianni Angelini

By Domenico Bonamonte, Gianni Angelini

This well-illustrated quickly reference publication, now in its moment variation, is a accomplished advisor to the aquatic epidermis illnesses as a result of biotic and non-biotic noxae. it's going to help the dermatologist in spotting and treating a number of unexpected stipulations which are however progressively expanding in incidence as a result of wider use of the hydrosphere for vacation, activity, and occupational actions all year long. past the thorough exam of the dermatoses because of a variety of organisms corresponding to jellyfish, sea anemones, echinoderms, molluscs, algae, aquatic worms, and fish, realization is attracted to strength systemic reactions, which might be critical or perhaps deadly. moreover, the full spectrum of wound infections and reactions as a result of microscopic organisms populating the aquatic atmosphere, e.g., mycobacteria, streptococci, Aeromonas, and vibrios, is taken into account. ultimately, certain awareness is paid to the various different stipulations associated with salt or freshwater touch, together with aquagenic urticaria and pruritus, chlorine inflammation, touch dermatitis from swimming or diving gear, surfer’s nodules, and chemical conjunctivitis. Aquatic Dermatology should be a brief connection with increase wisdom of the aquatic atmosphere and its hazards, and a useful gizmo to clinicians and execs practising in coastal and marine areas.

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Severe signs and death can follow even after lesser skin contact [159], in particular in children with a lower body mass [162]. Death is generally the result of cardiac asystole [162, 163]. C. fleckeri anti-venom, obtained by hyperimmunization from sheep, has been widely available since the 1970s and is produced by the Commonwealth Serum Laboratory (Melbourne, Australia) [153, 161]. However, it must be administered very soon after the event. Indications for anti-venom include cardiorespiratory arrest, arrhythmias, and difficulty in breathing, severe pain, or extensive skin lesions.

34 Erythematobullous reaction to sea anemone on a typical site D. Bonamonte et al.

Identical lesions with a more elementary design were present on 3 Dermatitis Caused by Coelenterates 49 Fig. 31 Figured erythemato-vesicular reaction to sea anemone Fig. 32 Necrotizing reaction to sea anemone the volar surface of the right wrist. The skin complaint provoked intense pain and burning and was associated with headache, nausea, vomiting, bronchospastic crises and muscle cramps. The onset of the skin complaint and subjective and systemic symptoms had occurred at the seaside near Bari, a few minutes after the child had sat down on a partly submerged rock.

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