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The server starts up from the CD. 5 Start Server Assistant on your admin computer, or on the server if you’re installing it locally. ” 7 Select the server on which you want to install the software (if you’re installing locally, skip this step). Server Assistant will lead you through the steps necessary to successfully install the software. Software Update Tool You use Software Update Tool to find new versions of software and install them remotely on a server. You can run Software Update Tool from an admin computer.

To do this, type: /sbin/newfs_hfs -w -v /dev/rdiskXsY 5 If you receive no warnings or error messages, remount the disk with this command: /usr/sbin/disktool -m 0 To return to the shell prompt, press the Control key and type c. Example 1: Divide One 120 GB Disk Drive Into Two 60 GB Partitions This example illustrates how to use pdisk and newfs to partition a 120 GB disk drive into two 60 GB partitions and initialize the partitions. Step 1: Start up from a CD To start up from the Mac OS X Server CD: 1 Press and hold the system identifier button while you press the power button.

Unmount volumes before you start. 1 Log in to the server as the root administrator. book Page 32 Friday, May 24, 2002 11:17 AM 2 List the volumes you currently have, as you will need the /dev/diskXsY information for each volume. To do this, type: df -lk to see this type of information: 3 Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Avail Capacity Mounted On /dev/disk1s9 8448000 2397216 6050784 28% fdesc 1 1 0 100% /dev /dev/disk0s9 8848296 2544256 6304040 28% /Volumes/Disk1 /devdisk0s10 8848296 17680 8830616 0% /devdisk0s11 102918840 3063916 99854928 2% /Volumes/Hard\Drive /devdisk1s10 8448728 3643104 4805624 43% /Volumes/Disk3 /devdisk1s11 61247160 29544 61217616 0% /Volumes/Disk4 / /Volumes/Disk2 Unmount the volume from the system.

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