Apache Server Unleashed by Richard Bowen, Matthew Marlowe, Ken Coar

By Richard Bowen, Matthew Marlowe, Ken Coar

This publication has been quite often important. it truly is good written, seems to be exact, covers many themes, and is definitely listed. It doesn't have the extent of aspect that, say, an excellent O'Reilly publication has, yet i think it occurs to be nearly as good as (or probably a slightly higher than) the O'Reilly e-book in this topic.

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To edit the configuration manually, change to the src directory. tmpl. It will give you something to fall back on if you mess up. Five types of lines are in the file, as noted in the comment near the top of the file. Any line beginning with a # is a comment. Makefile configurations, the first major section, are instructions to your C compiler. Lines beginning with Rule are rules. These tell configure how to make the Makefile. lines enable the building of Apache modules. Many of these are commented out, indicating that that particular module isn’t compiled in by default.

That URI can be a document, such as an HTML document, a GIF image, or a MP3 audio file, or it can be process, such as a CGI program, that produces output to be displayed by the client. 0 The actual file location of the URI is determined by the server. This determination can be made in several ways. The server checks for Alias directives that match the requested URI. It will check the location obtained by appending the URI to the server’s DocumentRoot. Other HTTP servers have other methods of determining what’s to be returned to the client.

Configuring Apache There are two ways to configure your Apache build. The newer way, called APACI, allows you to specify command-line options. The old-fashioned way involves editing a configuration file and selecting the options that you want. 3 and gives you a configuration interface that might be more familiar to people who have worked with the GNU Autoconf package. APACI allows you to provide configuration options on the command line, and it will build your Makefile appropriately. To run APACI, run the script configure from the command line with your list of arguments.

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