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This is the file that was renamed and moved into the Axis web application; it contains your web service. jws extension, it recognizes it as a special extension because of the following element and passes the request to the AxisServlet for processing. jws Next, move on to one of the three methods defined by the InventoryClient. jws. addInventory() method. The first line of the addInventory() method is simple; it creates a String set to the value of the addInventory.

1. For now, you can ignore the generated WSDL, but make sure that you see something similar to the following image. 1: The WSDL Defining Your Inventory Web Service Apache Axis Live 29 Creating the Client 4. Compile the InventoryClient. 5. Execute the compiled InventoryClient. If everything went well, you should see output similar to the following: Adding Got result : 8 Removing Got result : 6 Getting Got result : 6 Apache Axis Live 30 Summary Summary This chapter covered quite a bit of material.

In this chapter, you will be looking at Web Service Deployment Descriptors (WSDDs) and how they are used to deploy and undeploy web services. The goal of this chapter is to give you a basic understanding of how you perform custom web service deployment. It is not intended to be a complete guide to WSDD files—a complete WSDD reference is contained in Appendix A of this text. jws extension. Some problems are inherent with this method of deployment, two of which are listed below: • You must have the source code of the web service you are deploying.

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