Antoine Lavoisier. Founder of Modern Chemistry by Lynn Van Gorp

By Lynn Van Gorp

Antoine Lavoisier has been known as the founding father of sleek chemistry. The French scientist is so much remembered for constructing the medical technique, that is a cautious, step by step technique for proving or disproving anything.

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Air becomes warmer when sunlight heats the air molecules. Because there are fewer air molecules at higher elevations, air temperatures there tend to be cooler. At higher elevations, trees are shorter and the ground is rocky, as shown in Figure 6. Above the timberline—the elevation beyond which trees do not grow—plant life is limited to low-growing plants. The tops of some mountains are so cold that no plants can survive. Some mountain peaks are covered with snow year-round. TEMPERATURE CHANGES You climb a mountain and record the temperature every 1,000 m of elevation.

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