Ancient Greece from Homer to Alexander: The Evidence by Joseph Roisman

By Joseph Roisman

With clean, new translations and huge introductions and annotations, this sourcebook offers an inclusive and built-in view of Greek historical past, from Homer to Alexander the Great.

  • New translations of unique assets are contextualized by way of insightful introductions and annotations
  • Includes a number literary, inventive and fabric proof from the Homeric, Archaic and Classical Ages
  • Focuses on vital advancements in addition to particular subject matters to create an built-in standpoint at the period
  • Links the political and social heritage of the Greeks to their highbrow accomplishments
  • Includes an up to date bibliography of seminal scholarship
  • An accompanying web site deals extra facts and motives, in addition to hyperlinks to necessary on-line resources

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Iambi et Elegi Graeci ante Alexandrum Cantati. 2 vols. indd xxxviii Examination of an individual’s eligibility for office or citizenship Legal procedure of impeachment against officials or leaders Property tax designed to finance military projects Popular citizens’ assembly Freedom Young adults trained by the state in the military and good citizenship Annual magistrates in Sparta “Lover,” the elder partner in a homosexual relationship “Beloved,” the younger partner in a homosexual relationship People, tribal state Good order Giving of accounts by officials at the end of their term in office Spartan council of elders Public legal action Legal action against decrees that allegedly contradicted existing laws Spartan governor and commander of a garrison “People’s Court,” the largest court in Athens under the presidency of the Thesmothetae (“Lawgivers”) Treasurers of the Greeks: Athenian officials who collected the allies’ tributes People of servile status in Sparta “Female companion,” courtesan Companionship Companions of Homeric and Macedonian kings Cavalry; the second richest class in Solon’s system “Similar ones,” Spartan full citizens Heavy infantrymen The equal right to speak in public Equality before the law “The beautiful and good,” description of the elite Plot of land League, federation Killing of helots by stealth Head of household; husband; male guardian Rich man’s tax designed to finance festivals (choregy) or the upkeep of a battleship (trierarchy) Supporting or collaborating with the Persian enemy Resident alien 1/29/2011 5:32:29 PM GLOSSARY Nomos (pl.

But before placing trust in Strabo’s version due to its reliance on a companion of Alexander, it should be noted that Strabo records the story of Alexander’s visit not out of an interest in Alexander, but out of an interest in the oracle of Siwa and the stories associated with it. Did his focus on the oracle impact his use of Callisthenes who focused on the king? It is also uncertain how faithful Strabo was otherwise in reproducing his source, and judging his accuracy on the basis of his reproduction of sources elsewhere gives us no more than an indication.

Frs. , ed. 1957–1969. Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker. 18 vols. , ed. 1983. Archaic Times to the End of the Peloponnesian War. 2nd ed. , trans. 1999. Greek Elegiac Poetry: From the Seventh to the Fifth Centuries BC (Loeb Classical Library). , ed. 1985. From the End of the Peloponnesian War to the Battle of Ipsus. Cambridge HSCP Harvard Studies in Classical Philology IG Inscriptiones Graecae Jensen Jensen, Chr. 1963. Hyperides: Orationes. indd xxxvi Lobel, E. L. Page, eds. 1955. Poetarum Lesbiorum Fragmenta.

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