An Innocent Affair by Kim Lawrence

By Kim Lawrence

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She dabbed the material to her face, blotting the small droplets of blood. ‘She thought you were attacking me. ’ And I’m a block of wood! God, he’s priceless! ’ She couldn’t help the hint of defensiveness creeping into her voice. The family joke about her left hook had worn pretty thin years ago, and she’d worked really hard to control her more instinctual responses. It wasn’t as if she liked losing her temper; it made her sick—physically sick afterwards. She was still shaking with reaction. ‘Under the circumstances I’m not going to disagree with you.

He had to shave twice a day too, she realised, noticing the shadow across his jaw. She was gripped by a sudden and frighteningly strong urge to sink her fingers into his lush dark hair. ‘This is silly,’ she breathed with a frown. ‘And dangerous,’ he agreed drily. Hope stared in a dazed fashion into his eyes. As she watched, the pupil expanded until it almost met the dark rim that surrounded his grey iris. Her eyes slid slowly to his mouth…she licked her dry lips nervously. It ought to be illegal for one man to have this much earthy sex appeal.

The rasp of his voice was close to her ear. His lips grazed the same orifice and sent electrical tremors down to the tip of her curling toes. Her blue eyes were swimming as she met his hard gaze; her stare was hazy and unfocused. This was torture; each soft, arousing salute was agony. How could so little make her crave so much? He hadn’t even touched her body, but she was pierced by a desire so intense she could hardly breathe. Handicapped by inarticulate frustration and raw need, her first move in response wasn’t loaded with finesse.

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