America's Children and the Environment by US Environmental Protection Agency

By US Environmental Protection Agency

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No such However, there is pitch not a bit of scientific evidence that No pitcher can make fast balls curve only at home plate by some kind of remote control. Every curve is a gradual curve which starts as the ball this occurs. leaves the pitcher. The batter sees only the continuation of this pitch. " The explanation may be that objects and movements appear smaller when they are farther away. The batter may be seeing the curve suddenly get larger as the ball rapidly approaches. How fast is By means bullets 32 and a fast ball?

He must take a lead. Or he can start running while the ball is in play. But at no time must he compete on an even basis with a thrown ball If he does, then he is a "dead duck"! An experienced stealer observes different parts of the pitcher's body. He can tell within a fraction of a second when may the pitcher also sidered It is is is starting know when a a real pitching motion. "pick-off" throw is He being con- by the pitcher. interesting to note that the pitcher's not always made throw to to catch the runner off base.

S ome of pitchers however, have developed a style not does include an elaborate windup. Most which when the windup is done correctly, It also it limbers up the pitcher's muscles. gives the ball the most snap when it leaves the pitcher's hand. experts believe that There are several very good scientific reasons for the long stretch and fast motions of the windup. In order to get the most speed into a pitched ball, the pitcher must increase speed as long as possible before the ball leaves his hand.

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