All About Space Book of the Solar System by Editor Jon White

By Editor Jon White

All approximately house booklet of the sunlight method
The Sun
- notice the important position the famous person on the center of our sunlight process playsThe planets
- In-depth publications to all of the planets, from Mercury to NeptuneThe moons
- Take a better examine many of the sunlight structures best moonsAmazing illustrations
- discover the lovely attractions on offerAlso inside...
- an entire consultant to the Sun
- sun flares
- the opening within the Sun
- sunlight maximum
- Mercury
- Venus
- Earth
- Mars
- Jupiter
- Saturn
- Uranus
- Neptune
- a glance at Earths moon
- Ganymede
- Europa
- Titan

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Mercury also has a magnetosphere, formed when the solar wind interacts with its magnetic field. Although that magnetic field is only about one per cent as strong as Earth’s, it traps in some plasma from the solar wind, which adds to its surface weathering. The Messenger spacecraft discovered that Mercury’s magnetosphere is Pit-floor craters These craters are irregularly shaped and may be formed by the collapse of magma chambers below the surface Impact craters These craters can be hundreds of kilometres across, and can be fresh or very decayed “Because of its small size and wide changes in temperature, the planet doesn’t have a true atmosphere” 48 somewhat unstable, causing bundles of magnetic fields to be pulled out into space and wrapped into tornadolike structures by the passing solar wind.

Some of these tornadoes are as long as 800 kilometres (497 miles), or about a third of the planet’s size. Before Mariner 10 flew by Mercury, it was thought not to have a magnetic field at all. The current theory is that it is caused by a dynamo, much like Earth’s magnetic field, which means that the planet has an outer core of electrically conducive, rotating molten iron. Not all scientists agree that Mercury is capable of generating a dynamo, however. Plains There are both smooth and rolling or hilly plains, which may be the result of either volcanic activity or impacts Scarps These steep cliffs can occur due to either erosion or compression within the planet’s interior Mercury mapped by Mariner Caloris Basin Not only is Caloris the largest impact crater on the planet at 1,550 km (960 miles) in diameter, it’s one of the largest ones in the Solar System Sobkou Planitia This plains region is home to several craters.

But Venus rotates clockwise, making a Venusian sidereal day last about 243 Earth days – incidentally one of the slowest rotations of any planet. 7 days, making Venus’s days longer than its years. 75 Earth days or so. Many astronomers have wondered why Venus has such a circular orbit and unusual rotation. All planets came from the solar nebula – matter left over from the formation of the Sun – but maybe Venus had a more violent beginning. One theory is that it formed from the collision of two smaller planets, which impacted at such high speeds that they simply fused together, leaving very little debris.

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