Alexander the great failure : the collapse of the Macedonian by John D Grainger

By John D Grainger

Alexander's demise was once no longer unpredictable: he suffered repeated wounds in the course of his lifetime, and a couple of introduced him close to dying; he drank an excessive amount of; he built a fever, in which he endured to drink an excessive amount of; he believed he was once a god; he ignored his doctor's counsel; he used to be confronted with large difficulties which he deliberate to circumvent by way of occurring crusade ... As a last act of irresponsibility, while requested to whom Read more...

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M A C E D O N 3 7 0 – 3 5 9 b c : A F A I L I N G S TAT E 11 Alexander II was about 20 years of age when his father died. His accession was peaceful and undisputed, as far as we can tell. He quickly made an agreement with the Illyrians to pay them tribute to prevent an invasion,39 and he was confident enough of his power to intervene the next year in Thessaly, to assist the rulers of the city of Larissa, his father’s old ally, against a local tyrant, but his confidence was misplaced. By intervening in Thessaly he had attracted the attention of the current Greek hegemonic power, Thebes.

15 The heavier weapon also required a reduction in defensive armament, so the troops used a smaller shield, and wore no breastplate. The net effect was to make the infantry much more mobile and aggressive, and yet also more vulnerable. Philip had taken in the power of the heavier Theban phalanx, and the Athenian innovation of the use of peltasts and the overall value of drill, discipline and careful preparation, and had added in his own longer spear. He was able to do much of this reorganization in his first year, which suggests that he had worked out what needed to be done during his years as his brother’s subordinate, based in part on his experience at Thebes.

The condition of Greece at the peace was thus one in which the old powers were diminished, but in which new powers had not yet emerged. Sparta’s loss of empire was mirrored by Athens’ difficulties in holding members to its new league, which they perceived as scarcely needed now that Sparta had been reduced. Thebes proved to be less of a threat to everyone else now that its two political leaders, Epameinondas and Pelopidas, had died. A brief period of Thessalian unity under Jason of Pherai in the 370s had been ended by the Thebans.

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