Air Pollution by Vanda Villanyi

By Vanda Villanyi

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The key to these impacts, to whether there is an increase or a decrease, is how the compensating electrical energy is generated, thus requiring a further expansion of the system boundaries. In many places, a net reduction in GHG emissions will be observed. Burning fossil fuels directly to heat homes is about three times as efficient as using fossil fuels to generate electricity for the regional power grid and then distributing the electricity from that grid to heat the home. Therefore, Canadian provinces that rely heavily on fossil fuels to generate electricity and to heat homes, such as Alberta and Saskatchewan, would benefit twofold from switching from ILBs to CFLBs; energy would be saved and there would also be a reduction in GHG emissions.

00% Importance of sources and components of particulate air pollution for cardio-pulmonary inflammatory responses 47 X3 Importance of sources and components of particulate air pollution for cardio-pulmonary inflammatory responses Schwarze PE, Totlandsdal AI, Herseth JI*, Holme JA, Låg M, Refsnes M, Øvrevik J, Sandberg WJ and Bølling AK Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo, Norway *Faculty of Health Sciences, Oslo University College, Oslo, Norway 1. Introduction Particulate air pollution is regarded as a serious health problem worldwide (WHO 2005).

Pdf General Electric Company (2007). Frequently Asked Questions – Compact Fluorescent. [Online]. htm Gydesan, A. and Maimann, D. (1991). Life Cycle analysis of integral compact fluorescent lamps versus incandescent lamps - energy and emissions. Proceedings of Right Light 1, pp. 411-417. Stockholm, Sweden. Haysom, J. (1998) Comparison of the Model National Energy Code of Canada for Houses 1997 with Energy-Related Requirements in Provincial Building Codes. Climate Change: Buildings Table, National Research Council, Government of Canada [Online].

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