After Worlds Collide by Philip Wylie

By Philip Wylie

After Worlds Collide choices up the tale of its predecessor, When Worlds Collide. This sequel tells the tale of the survivors' development at the new global Bronson Beta after the destruction of Earth through a rogue planet.

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I’ve had everything put in place—everything you are likely to need. In all our observations from the earth, we made out a great continent here nearly two thousand miles wide and seven thousand in length. ” He had reviewed this time and time again with Tony and Eliot James, separately and together; yet he had to do it again at the last moment before he let them go: “Your charts have spotted in them the sites of the cities that we thought we observed. Go to the nearest points first, and then as much farther as—as circumstances dictate.

Yes,” said Ransdell. “We got a shape—a silhouette. Queer type; we couldn’t identify it. Long, back-pointing wings. Like larks’ wings, somebody said. ” Tony looked up from Ransdell to Eliot James, who had joined the circle. Eliot softly whistled. “Well,” said Tony to Eliot. ” Eliot James retorted. ” demanded Ransdell impatiently. “You know whose plane it was? ” “No party,” said Tony bluntly. ” “What I say. No party from earth brought that ship with them. ” He had gone a little pale, as he spoke; and he wiped his forehead and then his hands with his handkerchief.

Eliot James looked at the illuminated dial of his wrist-watch. “It’ll be several hours in coming yet,” he said after a pause. He grinned. ” Tony did not smile at James’ whimsy. He was staring at the light. “I should say, from the way it spreads, it must come together in some sort of a lens or reflector a couple of hundred feet below the other side of the ridge. If there’s anybody around the base of it, I don’t think they saw or heard us coming. ” He was silent. James spoke his thoughts in the quiet of the desert night.

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