Advances in Genetics, Vol. 5 by M. Demerec (Ed.)

By M. Demerec (Ed.)

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Книга содержит современные сведения для каждого вида млекопитающих южноафриканского региона, характеризуя распространение, охранный статус, местообитания, издаваемые звуки, питание, биологию размножения и социальные системы. Каждое видовое описание включает полноцветную фотографию животного в естественной среде и карту распространения.

Eye, Retina, and Visual System of the Mouse

Contemporary years have visible a burst of experiences at the mouse eye and visible method, fueled largely by means of the particularly fresh skill to supply mice with accurately outlined alterations in gene series. Mouse types have contributed to quite a lot of medical breakthroughs for a couple of ocular and neurological ailments and feature allowed researchers to deal with basic concerns that have been tough to technique with different experimental types.

Nutritional Bioavailability of Manganese

Content material: Manganese bioavailability evaluate / Constance Kies -- Manganese uptake and retention : experimental animal and human reports / Bo Lönnerdal, Carl L. prepared, J. G. Bell, and B. Sandström -- nutritional manganese toxicity and deficiency : results on mobile manganese metabolism / Carl L. willing, Sheri Zidenberg-Cherr, and Bo Lönnerdal -- Manganese homeostasis within the chick / L.

Insectivora: With a Stereotaxic Atlas of the Hedgehog Brain

This primary quantity within the sequence on "Comparative mind examine in Mammals" offers with the brains of Insectivora. the significance of Insectivora lies peculiarly within the indisputable fact that, (1) insectivore-like ancestors are considered as the preliminary crew for the evolution of upper mammals, and (2) the insectivore brains retained many conservative qualities, even though the animals have tailored to diversified dwelling environments.

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