Abhinavagupta's Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita  Gitartha by Boris Marjanovic

By Boris Marjanovic

Abhinavagupta, definitely the best genius of India within the fields of philosophy, aesthetics, poetics, dramaturgy, Tantra and mysticism, is being rediscovered in basic terms within the previous few many years. even if a number of students, in India and out of the country, are engaged in learning his works, it's marvelous that there are nonetheless few translations available.

Abhinavagupta explains in his statement that he undertook this paintings simply because he felt that his predecessors whilst commenting at the Bhagavad Gita had no longer understood its mystery or esoteric meanings.

The current paintings offers a unique model of the Bhagavad Gita within the mild of Kashmir Shaivism. it's going to even be inspiring fpr a person drawn to the perform of the key yogaof the Gita.

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2006 13:28 Uhr Seite 30 Sun Salutation – Surya Namaskar The Sun Salutation, sometimes called a “greeting to the Sun,” is a sequence of twelve yoga postures that are linked by a controlled breathing pattern into one flowing movement. The Sun Salutation activates and stimulates the body, mind and spirit. It arouses life energies and gets rid of blockages. It is most suitable as a warm-up at the start of a yoga session or on its own as a “wake-up ritual” for a dynamic start to the day. 2006 13:30 Uhr Seite 34 One round consists of 12 poses that flow into each other.

Spread your toes. Because you are barefoot, your feet have plenty of room to move. The crown of your head stretches up to the sky and your outstretched fingertips reach for the ground. Lift your breastbone forward and upward, without hollowing your back. Pull your shoulder blades toward your spine and the bottom of your shoulder blades downward. Breathe calmly and evenly from your abdomen. The abdominal wall should arch out gently when air flows into your lungs. Practice this exercise often during the day whenever you have to stand.

Do not round your back. 2006 13:31 Uhr Seite 42 Om 11 Upward Salute As you breathe in, raise your upper body and extend your arms upward. Open your chest, so that your breastbone is facing the ceiling. Do not hollow your back. 12 Om 12 Mountain Pose As you breathe out, place your hands together in the prayer position and then let your arms hang by your side. Stand up straight and do not hollow your back. 2006 13:31 Uhr Seite 44 3 These exercises can be performed after the initial relaxation and before the Sun Salutation.

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