A Review of Histogenesis/Organogenesis in the Developing by William J. Krause

By William J. Krause

A renewed curiosity is commencing to emerge spotting the opportunity of marsupials as distinctive types for biomedical learn. due to their abbreviated interval of intrauterine improvement, marsupials are obtainable types with which to check the early improvement of mammalian organ structures. The North American opossum (Didelphis virginiana) has acquired extra medical scrutiny than the other marsupial thus far. the aim of volumes I and II is twofold. the 1st target is to attract jointly and in short summarize the morphologal occasions and helping quantitative facts concerned about the histogenesis/organogenesis of a few of the organ platforms during this specific species. the second one objective is to supply an advent into the literature in regards to the biology of Didelphis virginiana and to collect jointly numerous experiences that experience concerned with this species. quantity I summarizes gametes and fertilization, blastocyst formation and early organogenesis, fetal membranes and placentation, parturition and migration to the pouch, normal postnatal development and improvement, and histogenesis/organogenesis of the integument, musculoskeletal approach, cardiovascular procedure, blood and blood forming organs, lymphatic organs, frightened method, eye, and ear. quantity II summarizes the histogenesis/organogenesis of the breathing process, digestive procedure, urinary procedure, male reproductive procedure, woman reproductive approach, and classical endocrine system.

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Within the newborn liver, 79% of the cells are hemopoietic in origin and this increases to about 85% by the end of the first postnatal week. This number rapidly declines, so that by the sixth postnatal week they constitute only about 7% of the cells in the liver. The decrease in hemopoietic cells is concomitant with an increase in hepatic cells. The postnatal growth of the liver, as estimated from total wet weight, is shown in Table 40. There is progressive growth prior to weaning with no obvious differences 48 Table 42.

1985). 26 Table 11. /mm2) (Acuff et al. 1989) Age (days) Cardia Fundus Pylorus 29 40 73 95 569±77 400±44 222±98 78±9 109±2 23±3 600 544±7 411±18 237±59 160±14 74±16 270±30 280±7 331±44 211±16 273±49 130±26 Juvenile Adult Values are means ± SD. Table 12. Percent distribution of argyrophil cells in the opossum stomach (Acuff et al. 2 Juvenile Adult The lamina propria consists of a delicate connective tissue and contains numerous connective tissue cells, primarily lymphocytes, macrophages, mast cells and eosinophils.

69 *Occasional cell present. 04. 45 30 cm Table 38. Absolute number of immunoreactive cells per mm 2 of mucosa (Krause et al. 4 100 "Occasional cell present CCK Glucagon Gastrin BPP Somatostatin. 8 30 cm * 20cm Table 39. Percentage of immunoreactive cells in each area (Krause et al. 6 Mid Distal colon colon fill the interstices between the two, resulting in a thick, complete sleeve of connective tissue cells that surrounds the intestinal lumen throughout its length. This large population of connective tissue (immunocompetent) cells sandwiched between the membranes limiting the lamina propria may act as a defensive barrier against foreign organisms from the intestinal lumen, as Peyer's patches are few in number in this species.

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