A Companion to the Hellenistic World (Blackwell Companions by Andrew Erskine

By Andrew Erskine

Protecting the interval from the dying of Alexander the nice to the prestigious defeat of Antony and Cleopatra by the hands of Augustus, this authoritative spouse explores the realm that Alexander created yet didn't stay to determine.

  • Comprises 29 unique essays via top overseas scholars.
  • Essential studying for classes on Hellenistic history.
  • Combines narrative and thematic methods to the period.
  • Draws at the very newest research.
  • Covers a large diversity of subject matters, spanning political, spiritual, social, monetary and cultural history.

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Alexander’s shaky empire had not quite fragmented, for Antipater could plausibly imagine himself 24 David Braund at its head. But the process of fragmentation was very far advanced for all that and Antipater’s death would soon be a further step. Throughout, Macedonians dominated the struggle; only the Greek Eumenes was a sipficant exception. By contrast, Iranians played no part in the forefront of these power-politics; even the Iranian wives assigned by Alexander had in part been set aside. However, that tendency can be exaggerated (S.

This is not to suggest that all inscription is honorific but in a culture in which the rich are expected to perform services for their city honour is highly prized and may consequently help to shape our image of a city. It may even be the city itself which is honoured. ’; the response, a fascinating insight into civic pride and local tradition, outlines the city’s mythlcal past before turning to celebrate its poets and historians (Isager 1998; Lloyd-Jones 1999). 10 Andrew Erskine The decision to inscribe is often contained within the document itself and may be justified by reference to future observers; the permanence of a treaty can be represented by engraving it on stone, thus the following clause negotiated between Rhodes and Hierapytna: And so that what was resolved about the alliance and the treaty might be engraved on stone stelai and visible for all time, let the people (of Rhodes) set up a stele at Rhodes in the sanctuary of Athena, and let the poletai (officials responsible for letting state contracts) put out to tender a contract for making the stele out of Lartian stone and for engraving and erecting in the sanctuarywhat was decided by the cities about the alliance, as directed by the commissioner for works, at a cost of not more than 100 drachmas.

Apart from Theophrastos’ Characters and some philosophical letters and maxims of Epicurus little now remains of the voluminous output of the Hellenistic schools. Approaching the Hellenistic World 9 4 Inscriptions In many cultures texts are written for public display; they may be epitaphs, dedications, or advertisements; they may be inscribed on stone or bronze, pasted on hoardings, or lit up in neon. Greek fondness for inscription is evident in the tens of thousands of inscribed texts that survive from the cities of the Hellenistic East, especially the cities of Asia Minor, but it is not the quantity that is distinctive so much as the character of the texts themselves.

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