A Colour Guide to Clouds by Richard Scorer

By Richard Scorer

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Similar colours round the sun or moon (called a corona) also indicate water cloud, as do the coloured patches of cloud somewhat further from the sun (called iridescence), Glories are very easy to see from an aircraft flying above cloud. The corona and iridescence are best seen through dark glasses. Cloud Layers 40. Layers of altocumulus often have very sharp edges whose explanation is rather uncertain. Each of these layers is composed of cloudlets because thin uniform layers cannot exist for more than a few minutes without breaking up in this way.

Below, dust rising from a power station can be seen; as the sun goes down the natural convection from the ground stops so that the solitary artificial thermals can easily be seen. They can also be seen well early in the morning. 44 Coloured Arcs 37. Mock suns are often seen as bright patches of light, with the edge towards the sun tinged orange, at the same elevation as the sun and just outside the common halo (20). This one, seen through a telephoto lens, is formed in a contrail. Mock suns only appear in ice clouds.

On this occasion the low cloud disappeared first and in this picture we see the final edge of the cirrus which is moving away to the left. In the cold air on the right cumulus is rapidly developing as soon as the sunshine begins to warm the ground. This picture was taken at about 11 o'clock on a summer morning ; and further from the front where the cold air was deeper, showers occurred in the afternoon. 26. Cumulonimbus in deep cold air is here illustrated with the lower clouds leaning forward (to the left) showing that the wind is stronger at higher levels.

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